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Residential Services

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  • Garbage Pickup (Recycling Included)
  • 90 Gallon Cart Available
  • Year Round & Seasonal Options
  • Curb-side Pick-up Service
  • Containers for Clean-up & Construction
  • Septic and Portable Restroom Services
Residential routes are available in southern Rhode Island for yearly or seasonal service. Our Weekly service provides customers with curbside collection including the pickup of recyclables. We offer a 90 gallon container on wheels for a convenient transport to the curb. For our seasonal summer customers we also offer pickup twice per week during the months of July & August.

Please visit www.RecycleTogeterRI.org to lean more
about recycling in RI.

Things to remember:
Recycle Boy
  • Paper and cardboard may be combined in one recycle bin with aluminum, glass and plastic.

  • Please do not put recyclables in plastic bags.

  • Please have your trash out by 6:00 AM. Relax - your trash will be picked up, rain or shine, between the hours of 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

  • Due to the seasonal nature of our community, your pick-up time may vary due to increases / decreases in traffic and the number of customers being serviced in your area.

  • Trash cans must be accessible to drivers. This means snow must be cleared, no cars in the way, etc.

  • Please have trash in garbage bags. The driver may not be able to lift a large barrel of un-bagged trash and loose trash can fly out causing problems with neighbors and the authorities.

  • Please do not put construction / lawn & leaf debris or e-waste in with your household trash. E-waste includes computers, cellular phones, TVs, stereos, CD and DVD players, microwaves, electronic items with circuit boards, rechargeable batteries that contain cadmium. Your monthly payment is for regular household trash only.

  • Our monthly rate is for:
    (1) - 90 gallon rolling cart (or)
    (2) - 45 gallon trash cans (or)
    (3) - 33 gallon trash cans (or) (6) - large trash bags

  • No hazardous materials will be accepted. Items such as: oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, paints, liquids, tires, car batteries, or car parts. To dispose of these items, please call the Eco-Depot in Johnston to make arrangements (401) 942 - 1430 ex. 241
Rubbish BinAnswers to some commonly asked questions:

Why didn't the garbage or recycling truck take my cardboard?
Was it broken down to fit inside the recycling truck? Recycling trucks are not "packers" and cannot crush the material inside. Therefore, you must flatten cardboard boxes and tie them up into 3'x3' bundles. Since cardboard is a mandatory recyclable the garbage packer cannot take it.

Should I put my newspapers in plastic bags?
No. Plastic bags become tangled in the conveyor belts and gears of the equipment that is used to move the recyclable materials through the sorting process, causing delays and equipment damage. Please bundle newspaper with string or place in a paper bag (also recyclable). Don't worry if it is raining and the newspaper gets wet (see 4th question).

Why didn't the recycling truck take my plastic shopping bags?
They are not accepted as recyclable material through your curbside collection service. Plastic shopping bags make good trash bags for small kitchen or bathroom waste cans. Also, most supermarkets provide bins for recycling them. Whether you recycle them or throw them away, please tie a knot in them so they won't fill up with air and blow away, littering roads, tree tops and yards.

Why can't I recycle cardboard soda or beer packaging?
Even though many of these containers are marked as recyclable, they are actually "wet strength" material. This means that it is manufactured to hold together if it gets wet. A key part of the paper and cardboard recycling process is wetting it down to make a mushy pulp. Therefore the majority of recycling mills are not able to process "wet strength" cardboard.